Property & Conveyancing

For many of us, buying a home represents one of the largest investments we will make, furthermore, it may represent our most valuable asset. The transaction of transferring real estate from the Vendor to the Purchaser is referred to as "a conveyance".
The transaction itself is often complex and there are many potential traps, pitfalls and things that may go wrong. Moreover, mistakes can be very costly. This is why you should engage an experienced property lawyer.
Portelli & Co are expert property lawyers who have, since 1964, built an excellent reputation in this area of law.
There has recently been an increase in the number of conveyancing companies throughout Victoria handling property transfers.
There are so many aspects - big and small - involved in the buying or selling of a property that it is generally wiser to leave the entire process in the hands of a professional experienced solicitor. Portelli & Co is price competitive with these small Conveyancing firms, but in addition to the nuts and bolts of a conveyance we have many years experience and in depth knowledge of the Transfer of Land Act, Property Law Act and of all contractual issues involved in the conveyance. Portelli & Co can assist you in relation to all issues and ensure that no vital step in the process is missed.
Conveyancing is not just a matter of filling out forms. The law of Contract and Property Law is very complex especially if rights and obligations of parties are disputed.

At Portelli & Co we will:

  • Ensure careful preparation of all the required legal documents necessary to complete the conveyance
  • Conduct all necessary title searches, and other searches on the property so you understand completely what you are purchasing
  • Make arrangements for settlement and attend settlement on your behalf
  • Give detailed advice about mortgage finance, loans and insurance; We may also be able to help you obtain finance
  • Give advice about stamp duty, any entitlements such as First Home Buyers Grants, Titles Office fees and other government charges
  • Give advice about the taxation and family law implications of your purchase
  • Give advice about GST and CGT
  • Make inquiries with all relevant authorities such as VicRoads, local council, water authorities, and State Revenue about the property
  • Make sure all the documents involved in the property transfer are properly drawn up and signed
  • Complete adjustments of outgoings on the property for settlement purposes
  • Give advice in relation to buying for investment, including negative gearing and leasing

At Portelli & Co we do not take short cuts. We take the utmost care, and we conduct all necessary searches and inquiries on title to ensure that there are no defects and to ensure that all aspects of title and property are properly transferred.
Don't trust your greatest asset with just anyone. Our experience is your peace of mind, and if things do go wrong we will be there to help you through it not like conveyancing companies who will drop you like a hot potato as soon as your conveyancing difficulties arise.

Conveyancing - An Overview

  1. Seller prepares to sell, fill out Vendors Section 32 Statement
  2. Contract of Sale prepared for signing by Buyer
  3. Buyer inspects Certificate of Title and Vendors statement to make sure everything is all right and property can be sold unencumbered
  4. Seller and Buyer agree on price, Contract of Sale signed and deposit paid
  5. Buyer requests information from various government bodies on rates, land tax and zoning
  6. Buyer arranges finance if needed
  7. Buyer prepares Transfer of land document and sends to Seller
  8. Buyer apportions council and water rates and advises Seller
  9. Seller checks Transfer of Land document and sends to Buyer
  10. Buyer and Seller attend Settlement. Buyer pays purchase money and Seller gives transfer documents
  11. Seller receives deposit if not already done
  12. Buyer pays stamp duty at Stamps Office and lodges transfer with transfer fee, at Titles Office
  13. Seller notifies authorities that property is sold
  14. Buyer notifies authorities that is property purchased


Portelli & Co offers a comprehensive range of property and legal services, for developers, investors, owners and landlords. We provide clients with effective legal solutions that deliver the most effective and efficient results assisting clients to achieve maximum profits and minimal risk.

We can assist you with:

  • Buying and selling of residential and commercial property
  • Land subdivisions and property development
  • Building and construction contracts
  • 'Off the plan' purchases and sales
  • Property joint ventures and development agreements
  • Planning advice