What We Do

Portelli & Co provide specialises in legal services and advice in:

Family Law

  • Family Law Settlements
  • Divorce and Separation
  • Domestic Relationship Agreements
  • De-facto Relationships (including same sex)
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Financial Agreements
  • Children Arrangements
  • Child Support
  • Property Settlements
  • Wills

Property & Conveyancing

  • Ensure careful preparation of all the required legal documents necessary to complete the conveyance
  • Conduct all necessary title searches, and other searches on the property so you understand completely what you are purchasing
  • Make arrangements for settlement and attend settlement on your behalf
  • Give detailed advice about mortgage finance, loans and insurance; We may also be able to help you obtain finance
  • Give advice about stamp duty, any entitlements such as First Home Buyers Grants, Titles Office fees and other government charges
  • Give advice about the taxation and family law implications of your purchase
  • Give advice about GST and CGT
  • Make inquiries with all relevant authorities such as VicRoads, local council, water authorities, and State Revenue about the property
  • Make sure all the documents involved in the property transfer are properly drawn up and signed
  • Complete adjustments of outgoings on the property for settlement purposes
  • Give advice in relation to buying for investment, including negative gearing and leasing

Wills, Probate and Power of Attorney

  • Ensure that the will is properly drawn up and correctly signed and witnessed
  • The selection of an executor and the appropriate powers to be given to him or her
  • The selection of a guardian for your infant children and how funds available for the children's maintenance, education or benefit should be invested
  • What assets you can dispose of by your will and what assets you cannot, such, as those owned by a family discretionary trust
  • Minimising capital gains tax liability
  • What liabilities you need to provide for in your will and whether your life insurance is adequate in the circumstances
  • Who could make a claim against the estate and how best to avoid a testator's family maintenance claim
  • The options for providing for a de facto spouse, for second marriages and blended families
  • The appropriate age for beneficiaries who are minors to take their share of the estate
  • Funeral arrangements
  • Where to keep your will, who should know where it is kept, and in what circumstances it should be reviewed
  • The uses and benefits of having one of the available types of Power of Attorney

Notary Public

  • Attest deeds, contracts and other instruments that are to be used in most countries outside Australia
  • Give a "Certificate of Due Execution" of documents
  • Draw up "Ships protests" or other formal papers relating to occurrences on ships voyages and navigation of ships as well as the carriage of cargo in ships
  • The capacity to attest some other documents under specific legislation for use in the States and Territories, and the Commonwealth of Australia.

Court Matters

  • Pursuing remedies in all courts and tribunals and in defending claims made against you
  • Debt recovery
  • Commercial litigation
  • Appearing at VCAT & similar tribunals
  • Contract disputes
  • Defense of traffic matters
  • Defense of criminal proceedings generally including serious crime


  • We offer a full range of migration services across all visa categories
  • We can advise you of the most appropriate visa options for your particular circumstances and intentions
  • Assistance with the current laws and procedures governing migration to Australia, Australian visas and visa requirement, permanent and temporary residence, citizenships, visa cancellations, deportations and appeals across all these categories

Business Law

  • Assistance with buying and selling a business
  • Business structure
  • Things that need to be considered before purchasing a business
  • The laws and legal areas which apply to businesses

Commercial & Retail Leases

  • Assistance prior to signing any business property lease or lease renewal option
  • Help preparing a disclosure statement