Notary Public

Tom Portelli has been appointed as a Public Notary by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria.

The office of a Notary is one of great antiquity probably having its origin in the civil institutions of Ancient Rome. The office developed from the activities of the scribes until notaries became independent officers whose certificate and seal are awarded recognition as a public act in the same way as a document under the seal of a Court.
Generally, a Notary is a senior Lawyer of more that 10 years experience. A notary may draw up and authenticate documents of a quasi - public character requiring unusual solemnity, they do this by preparing a certificate of the due execution of such documents and this is authenticated by his signature and seal.

A Notary Public has the legal capacity to:
Attest deeds, contracts and other instruments that are to be used in most countries outside Australia.
Give a "Certificate of Due Execution" of documents. This certificate, if duly authenticated by the Notary's signature and official Notarial Seal, is accepted in all countries where Notarial Acts are recognised, as proof of the acts done in the Notary's presence and attested by the Notary;
Draw up "Ships protests" or other formal papers relating to occurrences on ships voyages and navigation of ships as well as the carriage of cargo in ships; and
The capacity to attest some other documents under specific legislation for use in the States and Territories, and the Commonwealth of Australia.

Tom is available to notarise any documents or certificates by appointment.